Artemis Sorras (Eng subtitles)

Video Description: Dr. Christos Tsapos is a Greek citizen that has investigated and fully understood the true message behind the financial offers by Artemis Sorras to the Greek people. This short video is part of a talk he gave in Preveza on 22/3/2014 explaining the importance of  these offers, and that the main purpose is for all Greeks to unite without any political parties and dogmas that cause separation and inequality. Separation is our weakness and thus we lost our power to be free. We are enslaved under the economic scam of the Troika – Rothschids – the global banksters just because we have accepted and allowed it to happen, due to our personal conflicts and misguidance. When he refers to the Greek virtues and principles he is stating the universal laws of equality and justice. These are the things the ancient Greek philosophers (περισσότερα…)